Software testing resources

Currently one of my projects has some significant testing requirements. This post will provide  some good resources to help get in the head-space of planning and executing a testing process. Many of us in the IT business are not full-time professional testers, but pretty often we have to test something in a structured way and report back on the results. If you find yourself to be one of these “occasional testers” then read on.

And by the way, this isn’t about load testing or penetration testing or those more exotic sorts of testing….  Here i’m just talking about “basic” testing which will be applicable to both infrastructure and software development projects.  So here are some links:

Five Essentials For Software Testing:

Service Validation and Testing (from an ITIL Perspective):

Sample Test Case Template with Examples:

Top 13 Tips for Writing Effective Test Cases for Any Application:

The Google Testing blog:

JumpStart on Software Testing with Visual Studio:

Software testing overview on Wikipedia:


And wrapping it up with a quote from the inimitable Jim McCarthy:

More people have ascended bodily into heaven than have shipped great software on time.
Jim McCarthy, Dynamics of Software Development by Jim McCarthy, Denis Gilbert ,
ISBN: 1556158238

thanks for reading!

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